June 24, 2016

Fruit lovers in Delhi, Rejoice! Here’s a list of 10 places in Delhi where you can find your favourite exotic fruits. So dig into the Mangosteen, relish the Dragon Fruit and slurp away the Rambutan!

1. Khan Market

This high end shopping destination of Delhi is quite well known for selling various varieties of exotic fruits. It has fruits being flown in from all parts of the world. Japanese Loquat, Australian Oranges and Kiwis from New Zealand. This place has it all.

2. Oriental Fruit Mart

Sink your teeth into some of the sweetest and juiciest tropical and exotic fruits and citrus at Orientals. Mangosteens, Pepino melons, Cranberry and Passion fruit, name it and they have it! They also offer a variety of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

exotic fruits

3. Azadpur Market

Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable market is flooded with exotic foreign fruits. These fruits are neatly packaged, branded and graded. A first visit to the market is an assault on the senses.

exotic fruits

4. Godrej Natures Basket

Their fresh produce department boasts some of the most unique and special fruits available. We liked their selection of Dragon fruit and Grapefruit.

5. Vero Gusto

The exotic imported fruits are temptingly brought in together to make a sumptuous salad with 100% fresh and natural dressing. This small cafe successfully merges taste with health.

6. Allied Fruit and Florists

A wide variety of exotic fruits can be ordered from here. This store is famous for excellent quality, wide range and best service. They also provide free home delivery in nearby areas.

7. Salad days

Creativity meets salad under one roof. Along with various varieties of salads, this place also serves amazing exotic fruit salad bowls. They also do free home delivery.

exotic fruits

Picture credits – Saladdays

8. Fruit Inbox

This cute and colourful outlet will allow you to customize and design your own exotic fruit salad platter. They also have some yummy fruit juice.

exotic fruits

Picture credits – fruitinbox

9. Lanche

Treat your taste buds the delicious homemade exotic fruit bowl with walnuts in lime dressing at Lanche. It looks gorgeous and tastes yummy too.

exotic fruits

10. FRSH.com

Try the mouth watering exotic fruit chicken salad at FRSH.com. They serve it along with Pita and Hummus. Their gourmet fruits salads are fresh and definitely worth a try.