August 1, 2016

Wish you could turn back time to the good old days when your life was stress free and you had all the time in the world? Treat yourself to just that by shaking up these ingredients to concoct the perfect bath.

1. Epsom Salt

Ideal to ease up any pent up tension or muscle soreness, Epsom Salt can be added to any bath recipe. It not only makes your skin soft and smooth, but is a wonderful muscle relaxant that seeps into the body through the pores of the skin.


2. Lemons

When life gives you lemons, draw a nice lemony bath. For the most refreshing bath your body has ever seen, add some lemon to your bath tub. Tired skin gets back its long lost lustre, dry abrasive skin gets cooled and clogged pores open up.


3. Coconut Oil

The antibacterial properties along with the anti fungal properties, moisturise and soften the skin, making it smooth and supple. And no, coconut oil doesn’t smell peachy, but coupled with some scented bath oils it’s the perfect ingredient in your bath.


4. Honey

It could be an essential part of your bath, making your skin baby soft. Not just that, but its healing properties soothe irritated skin, deal with redness and even improve the appearance of scars. Just a cup of honey will do for some soft, smooth and breathtaking skin.


5. Milk

An exfoliate as well as an agent of skin softening, milk is also known to cure eczema. Milk baths leave you with soft, irresistible skin. Be sure, however, to rinse off nicely once you’re done, unless of course smelling of milk is something you’re okay with.


6. Bubbles (Obviously)

This one is pretty self explanatory, ladies. For those of us who like to goof around in the bath, making bubble beards is a must.


Courtesy: Sociable7

7. Scented Bath Oil

Pamper yourself with bath oils like jasmine, lavender, rose and iris. The scent is enough to set you off into paradise, soothing all your muscles and washing your aches away. Let the oils dissolve completely in the bath before you step in for the ultimate spa feeling.


8. Light Some Candles

Flick the light switches off and set the mood to a more relaxing, therapeutic one by lighting some of your favourite scented candles. The dim lighting will trick your brain into thinking its time to sleep, kick starting the process of slowing your heart rate and going into deep relaxation.


9. Play Music

Turn on some of your favourite music and just forget the world as you pamper yourself. Relax, unwind and get lost in your very own private Nirvana.


10. Pour It Up

Who said alcohol was just for happy hours? If relaxation is what you seek, then nothing does that better than a glass of your favourite champagne. And if you don’t drink, that’s perfectly fine too. Lie back and sip on your favourite thirst quencher.


Everyone needs some “me” time, girls. So get your tush into that warm, inviting, bubbly goodness!