July 22, 2016

The flat iron is not just for straightening. You will be surprised to learn that you can create all kinds of diverse hairstyles that will make you and your crown look spectacular. And, the best part is that you can create these hairstyles without investing in any new equipment. A trusty flat iron is all you need.

Here are some of the different ways to style your locks using nothing but a flat iron and your ingenuity.

1. Bouncy Curls

Create bouncy curls using your flat iron and sheets of aluminium foil.

  • Divide your hair into sections
  • Roll up each section around your index finger loosely
  • Once the locks are rolled, cover each one tightly with aluminium
  • Hold your flat iron for a few minutes on each aluminium foil
  • Remove the foil and viola! You have bouncy, long-lasting curls
  • Watch the full tutorial here
Courtesy: Jennifer Lima

Courtesy: Jennifer Lima

2. Crimped Hair

Your flat iron is a handy tool for crimping hair.

  • Divide your hair into sections and braid them tightly
  • Then run the flat iron along the length of the braid
  • After you finish, unravel the braids and your hair will be effortlessly crimped
  • Set the flat iron on the same heat level that you use for straightening your hair. This temperature will prevent your hair from frizzing up
  • Watch the full tutorial here
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Courtesy: Pinterest

3. Waves

If you are not keen on curls, but want something that gives your straight tresses more body and volume then endless waves is what you need.

  • Take a large lock of your hair
  • Clamp your hair straightener about 1/3 of the way from the root of the lock
  • Twist the lock around the hair iron one time
  • Clamp the straightener around the bent S-shape
  • Repeat all over your head, for soft, loose 50’s style waves!
  • Watch the tutorial here

4. Fake Blowout

Use a large flat iron for this hairstyle.

  • Apply some baby talc on your hair and massage it well into your scalp, it will refresh your hair and remove excessive grease, making it easier for you to curl the ends
  • Use your flat iron to curl up the ends of the hair
  • Voila! Now you look like you got an expensive blowout
  • Watch the tutorial here

Courtesy: Pinterest

5. Turn the Volume Up

If you have short hair, like a short blunt cut, don’t worry. You can use your flat iron to give your hair some body by curling the ends of your hair. Watch the tutorial here.


Courtesy: Still

6. Mermaid Beach Style

  • Take a lock of your hair and give it a wave near the scalp with your flat iron
  • Then roll the hair and use the flat iron along the length
  • Do this for several locks all over your head
  • Alternate directions with every other piece of strand you pick up to give that beachy bounce
  • Watch the tutorial here

Courtesy: Kayley Melissa

7. Streak It

If you don’t want to permanently streak your hair, you can use hair chalk and make the color last longer with a flat iron.

  • Apply the hair chalk on your locks and run them through a flat iron. This will make the chalk color look like genuine hair dye
  • Watch the tutorial here

Courtesy: WikiHow

8. Fake Bangs

  • Tie your hair at the top of your head, with the ends on your forehead.
  • Adjust the length of the ends to form fake bangs on your forehead.
  • Curl the ends inwards to create an illusion of bangs without really cutting your hair.
  • Put on a hair band to hide the hair tie.
  • Watch the tutorial here.

Courtesy: Theodore Leaf